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  • Solution for integrity testing failure of sterile filter cartridges2021-07-06Sterile filter cartridges meet below standard: Challenge this filter with defective pseudomonas of 107CFU per square centimeter, and downstream liquids are sterile.
  • Bubble Point Testing2021-07-06Ideally think the pores in the membrane are spread evenly and with the same size. If the filtration membrane is completely wetted, capillary will happen in membrane pores. When one side of the pore is pushed by air, penetrative liquid will be prevented by capillary pressure and surface tension. With air pressure up to one value, liquid in capillary is just pushed out, and air flow out through the pore. The air pressure value is bubble point pressure. As Figure 1:
  • Use & Sterilization of filter cartridge2021-05-13Wet the seal material with water or the filtrate before installing. Then install the filter cartridge carefully without damage, fully wet the filter cartridge before use. Open the vent valve during filling, fill the cartridge housing with de-ionized water or the filtrate until liquid flows out of vent valve, close the vent valve. Rinse at a differential pressure of 0.3 bar for about 3-5 minutes. After rinsing, open the vent and the run-off drain valve, drain the cartridge housing. This can also

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